Sunday March 13, Teen titan Rachel Rarth code name Raven is kidnapped by Slade Wilson. She is given a massive amount of drugs the results horrifying. March 14 12 : 00 Raven looses complete control of her powers, every single TT rushes In to detain, her most are killed. The man known as Death stroke comes up to me with an evil Grin on his face hands me a gun He says If I want to save the last two Titans besides me I would have to kill her. He then vanished in thin air TT Speedy and TT kidflash come to me with traumatized looks on their faces Robin what are we going to do they ask me the two of you need to go I said I will take care of her. Where not leaving you! Speedy said. GO! I yelled that’s an order they looked at each other and left Pulled out a dagger and looked at the gun. This will be the weapon the kills Slade decided I then ran up to Raven for some reason her powers did not affect me perhaps it was her feelings towards me. She looked at me. She was crying “I’m sorry I said I then Drove the dagger in her heart she dropped dead in my arms.

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