"...This situation needs a woman's touch.When I say touch of course I mean i'm gonna beat you up senselessly..."
— Whitefire

Vital statistics
Real Name Whitefire Grayson
Gender female
Species 1/2 Human, 1/2 Tamaranian
Status alive
Alignment good
Likes training, proving herself
Dislikes being wrong
Place of Origin tamaran
Residence New titans tower
Relatives Robin (father), Starfire (mother), Quickshot (brother)
Allies all titans (Quick shot, Barren, Blade, Gale)
Enemies The peace keeper
Affiliations New teen titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers Starbolts,super strength,flight
Weaknesses Stubborn
Equipment none
First Appearance New teen titans

Daughter of legendary Robin and Starfire, Whitefire is a member and co-founder of the New Teen Titans. She is the sister of Quickshot but unaware of that. She countinously demands to be leader.


She's very bold and risk taking,She refuses to give up and keeps on fighting she has feelings for Barren and he has feelings for her but they find it hard to express that.


Early life 2030

she was born on tamaran and raised on tamaran.She was trained in the fighting ways of her people and she was princess of tamaran.But when news of the New teen titans reached her planet she knew she had to lead them as soon as she left she left her royal advisor in charge then she set off to earth

Jump city 2045

As soon as she arrived she demanded to be leader but quick shot told her that he was leader and that they could work it out but Blade iching for a fight said "you can join if you beat me!" and they fought.She beat Blade by calling him "snow flake" which made Blade angry and he got reckless so white fire just tripped him and she held a starbolt to his face and the match was over later they became friends and she was allowed to join but not as leader.Lastely they met Gale a strong headed girl who wanted to join as well after "events(specifically a rockslide which gale saved them all)"she joined and they had a "big sister little sister realtionship".They soon found themselves fighting against The peace keeper

Powers and traits

Starbolts:like all tamaranians she canproduce starbolts
White fire charge

White fire charging starbolt

super-strength:due to her tamaranian heritige

flight:due to her tamaranian heritige


Stubborn:she refuses to give up though her teams see's it as a good trait it sometimes puts the rest of the team in danger

Hostage situation:almost every hero has this problem


communicator:found on her crown


  • Dont get her mad
  • her cooking is as bad as her mothers


  • In a way her hair ressembles Blackfire
  • she has one red streak on her hair
  • she wears the tamranian crown
  • Her eyes are green like her mothers

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