White Lantern is a superhero and ally of the Lantern Corps

White Lantern
Vital statistics
Real Name Shawna
Aliases White Lantern
Gender female
Species Human
Status alive
Alignment good
Likes Trust
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Watchtower, Lightning Lord's place
Relatives none
Allies Green Lantern Core, Project
Enemies N/A
Affiliations Project
Powers & Abilities
Powers White Lantern Ring
Weaknesses Stubborn
Equipment White Lantern Ring
First Appearance N/A


Shawna was an orphan who turned to street crime when the orphanage she lived in closed down. One day the government found her stealing from a senator and took her away to a secret base where they were working on a weaponized satellite. They needed a test subject to see if it could sustain life for an extended period of time so they made a deal with her. If she was their test subject they would forgive her many crimes and not send her to juvie. Shawna being only 14 at the time agreed. When the satellite was ready they sent it to orbit but something happened with the fuel tank and it exploded. Luckilly she had a space suit on and the Green Lantern 2814.1 was patrolling he found her and took her to Oa to heal


After she healed she stayed on Oa her first real home. One day as she was walking down the trophy room the last Life Ring awoke. The ring scanned the area for a user and found Shawna it bonded with her and flew her back to earth where she still remains helping in secret.

Powers and Weapons

Shawna has the last Life Power Ring which can make any object she thinks of. It is powered by her life force and is depleted when she is either dead or doesn't have the will to continue life.


Shawna is a spitfire and is extremely sarcastic but is sensitive towards the less fortunate because of her past life. She has vowed (as part of her pledge to the Power Ring) that she will never take a human or alien life.


Shawna's true appearance


Shawna is about 5'8" and is 15 years old. As a white lantern her hair and eyes turn pure white but as a normal person she has red hair and green eyes.

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