"I may seem small but I have a purpose"
— WhiteJeff

Vital statistics
Real Name Jeff Andrews
Aliases Jeff "White" Andrews, Clayface Jr.
Gender Male
Species Superhuman
Status Active
Alignment {{{alignment}}}
Likes Playing pranks on people, Spicy food, Sour food, Turning into a Talking Burrito
Dislikes Evil, Anything Pink or Purple, Tamaranean food
Place of Origin Earth
Residence Jump City
Relatives John Andrews (Dad) Allissa Andrews (Mom)
Allies Teen Titans, Any Heroes
Enemies All evil people and enemies
Affiliations {{{Teams, Countries, or individuals}}}
Powers & Abilities
Powers Shape shifting, Stretchy powers, The power to turn into anything
Weaknesses Allergic to Kryptonite
Equipment Himself
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

WhiteJeff is a superhuman being who was mutated after being struck by toxic lightning. Then he became a super awesome superhuman force of good.


WhiteJeff is really nice and upbeat and annoying at times but on the other hand he is very heroic and helpful.


WhiteJeff lives in jump city and he is often seen shapeshifted in his Human form (Jeff Andrews) he lives in Andrews Manor with his Mom and Dad. He is an Only child


  • WhiteJeff is a friend to all heroes and an enemy all villains. He is also a friend to nature
  • On the other hand Jeff Andrews (Sort Of) has a crush on Terra



WhiteJeff can Change form of any part of his body (Similar to Clayface)

Fear Feasting

WhiteJeff can Feed on people's fear but he rarely does this


He is a master of Hand-To-Hand Combat and Weapon combat (Especially when the weapon is himself)



He is white and he is 3ft 6in

Jeff Andrews

He wears a green shirt and jeans and he has blonde hair and he wears a green pair of headphones and he is 5ft

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