Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Queen, White
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Semi-evil
Likes Alcohol, quiet places, fashion, manipulating people, classical music, servants
Dislikes Cigarettes, People she is unable to manipulate,
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Kings, NY
Relatives Unknown
Allies Black, Project Child's Play
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations Project Child's Play
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Unknown
Equipment Multiple handguns, Black
First Appearance x

White is the founder and leader if Project Child's Play. She is a force to be reckoned with, and most fear her. He truly is the master of her own game, being able to manipulate anybody. She can be considered the brains of the Project.


White gets her nickname from her albinism. She keeps her hair chopped short, and takes great pride in her appearance. She makes sure she and Black always look their best. Her eyes are a light red, and her skin tone being very pale. She stands at an incredible 6 feet exactly, which adds to her intimidation factor. She wears a white, fitted long sleeve t-shirt with a cravat, held up by a black ribbon. Her pencil skirt falls above her knees and is held up by black suspenders. She wears a matching white half-jacket and steel toed ankle boots.


White is an intimidating person. She acts incredibly sweet before breaking you. She is incredible at brainwashing and does this to all of the children in her operation. She thoroughly believes that what she is doing is right, as nobody tells her otherwise. She dislikes people strongly, including Black to a degree.


Little is known about her history. All that is known is that she was often bullied for her condition, this led to her becoming cold and emotionless. Her father was a mob boss who loved his daughter dearly, doing everything he could for her. She and Black met when they were around 12. They attended the same school, and she couldn't stand him. He treated everybody with love and was the "class clown", so she arranged for the murder of his parents via her father. This led to the breaking of Black, so she took him in and bent and manipulated him to her looking. He soon became her brawn, and the two of them became an unstoppable force. They created PCP later on in life, and are currently running it.

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