It's dark. Thats the first thing i notice as I open my eyes. Next thing I notice: I'm still paralyzed. S***. I look around, and notice a TV in the corner of the room. The main story is of a bombing in downtown Jump City. The newscaster's say this is the 3rd bombing this week committed can't be. They claim that I, Lonnie Manchen, Anarky, committed the crimes. How could I have? I'm paralyzed. And I'm in prison. I? I look arround and I see that I'm in a dark apartment room. Then the door opens, and a figure walks in. He turns the light on, and I can see that he is wearing a version of my Anarky suit. The only differance is his is all red, with a normal gold mask, instead of my trademark 'Guy Fawkes' one.

"Hello" he says to me "Glad to see that you're awake"

"Why did you kidnap me?" I demand "And why are you soiling my image?!?!

"What ever do you mean?" he replies

He's clearly mocking me. This is irritateing to no end. If I wans't paralyzed, I'd kick his ass.

"Running arround, blowing sh*t up dressed as Anarky!" i state.

"I'm just doing what you were, only better."

WHAT!?!?! What I was doing? Not even close. I organized riots, aimed at oppressive figures. I spray apinted warning signs on federal buildings. I assaulted corrupt officials, and ratted them out to the police. But I did NOT go arround bombing buildings randomly.

"Anarky is supposed to be a force for good!" I yell. "He's not supposed to be a psychotic freak like you! WHy did you even break me out in the first place?!?!"

"Simple" He said "I needed someone to pin the blaim on for my crimes. A fall-guy if you will"


"well its been nice chatting with you." He said as he turned for the door. "Do yourself a favor, and be quiet like a good little hostage."

With that, he left the room closing the door behind him. Once agein I was engulfed in Darkness, my only light being the news with my image, and a capture reward of $10,000.

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