"We might not see the next day. But we Have Today we can work toghter. We can't look past our scars but we can help  each other."  - Weedy To  Teen  Titans ReLive


Weedy seems to have had a unknown past. In Hello? Weedy was found in a jungle and was talking to animals. Its was sooner told her real name was Windy Grace and the reason why she was in the jungle is because her parnets died there and the animals look after her.


  • Controling Plants. Just like her nickname Weedy can control plants
  • Talking to Animals. Because of her being rasied in the Jungle she was able to talk with apes and tigers.


 She is an innocent, caring and kind-hearted pacifist who doesn't particularly enjoy fighting and violence. However, when a crisis is at hand, Weedy will fight with surprising skill.

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