Walter Dalno
Vital statistics
Real Name Walter Dalno
Aliases Minister for Defense of Australia
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
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Place of Origin Melbourne, Australia
Residence Sydney, Australia
Relatives Unknown
Allies Titans Australia
Enemies Incendous
Affiliations Parliament of Australia


Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Unknown
Equipment Handgun
First Appearance Titans Australia (Series)

Echo Team: Part 1

"Dalno is the only think keeping the government from taking out the Meta-Humans. You take out him, you take out the Titans. "
— Ryan Levett on Walter Dalno

Walter Dalno is the Minister of Defence for Australia, and a government level representative for Titans Australia.


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Childhood and Education

Walter was born in Melbourne, Australia. He was brought up with two sisters in a wealthy family. He attended St. Hills Private School as a teenager and while here he showed intrest in debating and politics. He then moved to Sydney with his family, where he studied Politics and Economics at Macquarie University. After gaining a high distinction in both subjects, he moved to Canberra and began work in Parliament House.


After being elected as the Representative of Mackellar, he joined the Liberal Party and was soon elected Minister for Defence Australia. He served well under this title, having political impact on the Middle-East War, and settling other international conflicts. When the underground organisation 'Incendous' rose to power in the streets of Sydney, he called in Robin and the Teen Titans for assistance. The Teen Titans defeated Incendous and a group of five Honorary Titans remained in Australia to form Titans Australia.

Representative for Titans Australia

After Titans Australia was formed, they required a Federal Government level representative to keep the leaders of Australia up to date on the happenings of Titans Australia. While doing this job he met Ryan Levett, a young politican with strong views on the Meta-Human population.

Powers & Abilities

Walter Dalno is a human, therefore posseses no Meta-Human powers.


  • Political Power: Although Walter is high up in the Australian Parliament, he can still be overruled by politicians with greater power.


  • Handgun: Walter carries a handgun with him at all times, although he prefers not to use it.


"The Meta-Humans are saving this world, not destroying it." Walter Dalno to Ryan Levett on Meta-Humans.


None as of yet.

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