Dr. Victor Frost is a scientist in Better Human Evolution Project and the father of Snow.

Victor Frost
Vital statistics
Real Name Victor Wesley Frost
Aliases Dr. Frost


Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Science
Dislikes Revenge
Place of Origin Iowa, USA
Residence Better Human Evolution Project Labs
Relatives Snow (Daughter)
Allies Better Human Evolution Project
Enemies Criminals
Affiliations Better Human Evolution Project
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Losing his family members


Equipment Shrink Ray Gun
First Appearance Better Human Evolution Project (Mentioned)


Dr. Frost is a skilled geneticist who work in Better Human Evolution Project. He lived in Iowa before with his daughter Periwinkle and wife Perssentine. After his wife died they moved in the place of the B.H.E.P Labs. He was so depressed during that time but Perry became his inspiration. Victor didn't talked much about his work to Perry because the lab is against the government. Because of his daughter's curiousity she followed him. When Dr. Frost was about to test The Winter Project on a rat, Perry accidentally entered the chamber and got exposed to the experiment. She was fine but the rat didn't survived. Dr. Frost immediately checked her but Perry panicked and used her new powers to escape. Dr. Frost blamed himself.

Personality and Appearance

Since he was still a kid, Victor dreamed of being a scientist. He never stopped to pursue it and became a skilled geneticist. His passion for science and his curiosity led him to be a scientist in the B.H.E.P Labs. Victor is known to be hardworking, smart, and serious on his work. He always wears a gray turtleneck and his favorite maroon pants. He wears his lab coat at work and his glasses. Victor also has a red hair with a white line of hair on the front and blue eyes which Periwinkle inherited from him.


Dr. Frost works at the Better Human Evolution Project Laboratories as one of the geneticists. He worked with The Winter Project, however because of the accident B.H.E.P is planning to test Project Meta-Guard to him and the other scientists.


  • RhjiandhelDhjenebra13 wants to thank Jono46 for giving the idea of Victor Frost. Thank you!
  • Dr. Frost is Snow's father.
  • His wife is named Perssentine Kiell Frost.
  • Dr. Frost is at his mid-50's.
  • Jono46 gave the name 'Victor Frost'.



Dr. Frost Full Body

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