Six teenage felons were on their way from Juvenile Detention to Court when they were suddenly somewhere else.


Anna- Was born with a tail and enhanced leaping and senses. She was teased mercifully at School. Her father was abusive and mother had died soon after her birth. Once in middle school she began to run with the wrong crowd due to them accepting her. However none of them really cared about her and just enjoyed her cat like prowess. She was arrested for shop lifting one too many times.

Craig- Craig is a fighter. He enjoys competetion and sweating. The worse his odds the harder he fights. Some claim he's not Human. He dislikes wearing shirts.

Sarah- Sarah isn't always all there. She seems to lose herself in thought. She never Seems to listen to anyone. However she actually notices more then anyone else. She just does whatever she wants. The joke around the juvie is that if their is a law anywhere. Shes broken it.

Fayt- Fayt is a hacker. He went too deep in studying the Government and got shut down.

Cana- Cana would always be playing her video games. This was to hide a certain fact from her parents. The fact she fancies other girls. However one night during a fight she accidentally slipped. She was immediately disowned and kicked out of her home. She was picked up by the police and, because she still loved her family, claimed she was a runaway.

Martin- Martin is a text-book genius. this is somewhat due to his heightened observance and fact that he can somewhat read minds. In fact he was asked to consult with the police force. However he quickly got bored and turned to drugs. He was living in an orphanage and is a flirt.


List of "places" they have been trapped

<<So Far None>>

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