Vital statistics
Real Name Bosco Roland
Aliases Valafar
Gender Male
Species Eos, Elementalist
Status Unknown
Alignment Evil
Likes Burning things
Dislikes cold temperatures, water
Place of Origin unknown
Residence unknown
Relatives unknown
Allies unknown, (Cinder possibly)
Enemies Vulcan
Affiliations Elementalist (Formerly)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Complete control of the Element fire
Weaknesses Water
Equipment Mystic blade, Fire Imp
First Appearance Unknown


Valafar is the Evil former Elementalist of the Fire Realm and Vulcan's predecessor. He became corrupt on his raw destructive power and decided to leave the realm of Fire in order to take over Meridian. He layed waste to a great part of the Kalle Demos Forest before he was stopped. Who he was stopped by and what happened to him is a matter of utmost secrecy amongst even the Elementalists. His replacement was the gruff but fair Vulcan. After the incident in the Kalle Demos forest he was thought to be sealed in the Tartarus Prison, however it has been revealed that he follows Cinder.

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