In a future where Utopia took over the world.


Vandal Savage- Proud of his accomplishment. The human race is evolving to meet the chaos as planned.

Lex Luthor- Living in total Pleasure.

Amanda Walker- In charge of producing weapons and inovations in the War.

Icicle Sr.- Dead

Slade- In charge of operations against the Rebellion.


--Team Alpha--

Sarla- Emotionless

Sen-El- Emotionless and under mind control.

Headshot- Emotionless

--Team Beta--

Hawkwoman- Mind controlled

Wonderwoman- Emotionless and under mind control.

Ravager-(34)- Not under any control

--Team Gamma--

Sportsmaster- Not under control

Terra-(34)- Mind control and emotionless

Chesire-(29)- Not under control

--Team Delta--

Superboy-(16)- Emotionless and Mind control

Red Arrow-(36)- Clone

Icicle Jr.-(29)- Emotionless

--Team Epsilon--

Black Canary- Emotionless and Mind control

Jinx-(35)- Emotionless

Tigress-(27)- Not under control

--Team Zeta--

Robin-(9)- A genetic clone of Bruce Wayne and Talia al' Guhl

Hotspot-(35)- Emotionless and Mincontrol

Tantrum-(25)- Mind control


Each team is equipped with dozens of Lexbots to help fight alongside. Each fighter is equipped with weapons and armor perfectly fitted for them.


A large building in Asia.

Factory- A large factory producing Weapons, Armor, and Lexbots.

Laboratory- Used for Cloning, genetic changing, mind control, and emotion loss tech.

Pit- The training facility for new recruits.

Utopia- The home of the Utopian council.

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