Utopia is a group bent on taking over the Earth


Batman has suspected a new group of villains and has the Project working on the case. 


Vandal Savage (Leadership)

Lex Luthor (Technology)

Amanda Waller (Government)

Icicle Sr. (Assault)

Sarla {Magic expert}


To rid Earth of Pointless emotion and become the dominant species of the Universe. By disrupting all forms of Government Utopia can sweep in at the Earths weakest point and take over while no one can rise up against them.



Young agents to do what is needed

Cheshire: After the Brotherhood fiasco she turned to a group which had a better pay and better gear

Tigress: Cheshire's younger sister, Cheshire was forced to bring her along by their father.

Black Spider: A young and arrogant spider burglar looking to move up in the world.

Ravager: Ravager is a former Teen Titan and Slade's daughter. She left and no one has talked of her since. The reason is unknown

Red X: For some unknown reason Red X has joined Utopia. Its probably for money....maybe power?

Icicle Jr: The son of the Assault leader. A disappointment to his father he is trying to prove himself.

Time Lord: The son of Hourman, and a coldblooded madman addicted to the drug that gives him his powers.

Formally Headshot: A sniper with a conscience. In the end it led him to join Project and confirm Batman's suspicions.


A group created for the purpose to take out Project

Stone: The Leader of Order. Greg has shapeshifting powers to transform into a Goron.

Skidz: Clark is a madman with a exo-suit. When not wearing the suit he is a genius.

The Crow: Hiram is a supernatural assassin native to the Civil War-ridden isles of the Gristol Island.

Rivera: Rachel is a witch with aquakinesis and summoning powers. Her past is somehow linked with Gristol.

Arsenal: Avery is a prodigy marksman. Her patience, speed, and accuracy, are unmatched by any human her age.

Spirit: Finley is a teenage assassin from Gristol. Her Wolf like prowess and wolf summoning powers make her a tough adversary.

Mr.Black: Eugene is a regeneritive martial artist with the ability to notice all of his rivals errors.

Other Teams

Utopia has multiple smaller units they call upon.

The Order. This group was put together to take care of the nussciance known as The Project.

Possible Futures

In one possible future Utopia won. However interference from the new team Project defeated the group. This time has been erased from existence by changing the past.

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