Unit-3 A team of mercenarys hired by the U.S. Government or whoever pays the highest


Each of the original members was raised by Utopia to fulfill a certain role. After a fight with the Teen Titans the team found they were being used and have been since been accepted by the U.S.Government as the last line of defense against terror.


Marina- Codename: Ma'am- A calm headed and elegant fighter. She is a great tactician and can read the body language of her adversary like they were a book, unless she is in a relaxed environment. She wields two hand guns and a faint accent.

Cougar- Codename: Snow Man- A quick witted and pin point accurate sniper. He was trained by the best for long range combat. However due to a condition of his he must always stay warm. Due to this he will wear heavy snow gear on a hot summer day and complain he's freezing.

Kat- Codename: Golden Dragon- The fire power of the team. She is a loud mouth who enjoys the action more then anyone else. On a few occasions her team mates have claimed to have seen her eyes change to a gold color as she preformed an incredible feat.

Erin- Codename: Red- The soul of the team. She uses a fully automatic weapon which is just like her personality. She only has three settings. Lock-Sleep/nap. Semi-Automatic-Her Awake. Automatic-Her when shes excited. She is the glue that keeps he others from going insane.

Mai- Codename: Siri- The hacker. Scared of the outside world Mai has never left Unit-3's base since her arrival there. She is one of the best hackers in the world meaning if its on the web she knows about it. However due to this she is often Cynical and seems uncaring.

Art- Codename: Maniac- The pilot. If it exists he can learn how to drive/fly it. Art is a kind soul who does not get angry or stay angered at someone. He doesn't use a weapon due to this fact however.

Alexander Legend- A new member to Unit-3. He was found on a mission in Tibet. Since then he has become a strong ally to the team.




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