"I hate what I have become. In my short life of 17 years, I have been like this 9 years. 9 awful years. Do you know what this is like? It's a pain to wake up every morning. It's awful."-Lacy

Vital statistics
Real Name Lacy
Aliases Tu,Tu-22KD BLINDER, Blinder
Gender Female
Species Human cyborg
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral, leans toward good
Likes stars, snow, flowers, plants, cake, braiding her hair
Dislikes flying, what she has become, loud noises, fire, water
Place of Origin America
Residence Abakan, Russia
Relatives Unknown
Allies Жанна, Клара, Кира
Enemies Unknown yet
Affiliations Titans Russia
Powers & Abilities
Powers Flight, resistance
Weaknesses water, fire,
Equipment Machine guns, missiles
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Lacy does not change her look, because she does not posess the ability to. She is 7 feet tall, however, without the extra armor, she is 6' 2". Before the experiments, she had very long, golden blonde hair, and wore pink dresses with flowers.


Tu is a very silent person. She rarely speaks, but when she does, she always speaks deeply and speaks very intelligent-like. She rarely goes out, but when she does, it's during the night time or on a mission. She hates it when anybody else besides her team sees her, and she thinks she is a monster. She takes a while to warm up  to another person.



She is capable of flying, but needs to be re-fuled after a while.


Her armor makes her capable of enduring bullets.

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