"Tsunami: a big gigantic wave."
— Tsunami explaining her name

Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Great Big Wave
Gender Female
Species half elf,half human
Status Alive
Alignment hero
Likes oceans, lakes, bays, water
Dislikes fire, Hot Spot
Place of Origin Japan
Residence Star City
Relatives unknown
Allies Titans
Enemies Titan enemies
Affiliations Titans Japan
Powers & Abilities
Powers hydrokinesis, also has the ability to manipulate ice from any source of water
Weaknesses Fire
Equipment Two sai swords
First Appearance N/A
Tsunami is an elf who has hydrokinesis.


Background History


She is quiet. She only speaks when she has too. She's very shy and mysterious.


She has ponity elf ears and blue hair & eyes. She wears a dark blue crown and a dark blue necklace that goes along with her dark blue flowy dress. With her dress, she wears black flats.


  • hydrokinesis
  • manipulation of ice & snow


"I'll make a snowman outta you!"

"Let's hit the lake!"
Tsunami as herself

Tsunami disguised as a human

Slightly different version of Tsunami

A slightly different version of Tsunami (human)

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