the titans stars are a group created by spider-kid the boyfriend of raven when he got in a big figth with robin he
Teen Titans titlecard2
created titans stars created to defeat evil and bring justice
  • members
  1. (leader)
  2. batkid
  3. death ice
  4. belladonna
  5. isis
  • history

coming soon

  • equipment
    Copy of New titans badge

titans stars comunicators:batkid created it with the help of his father batman

  • tower
titans stars t tower:spider-kid built it with the help of mas y menos and kid flash
New Titans tower23

  • season 1
  1. ep.1 titans go!
  2. ep.2 recruting two more
  3. ep.3 meeting the original teen titans
  4. ep.4 ove at first sigth
  5. ep.5 my future father in law is trigon!!!!
  6. ep.6 one paifull choice
  7. ep.7 red x stop it
  8. ep.8 friend or foe
  9. ep.9 a what now!!!
  10. ep.10 busted

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