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Teen Titans Season 6. first Slade tried to destroy the Titans but failed (Twice), Brother Blood tried and Failed, Trigon met his demise, and the Brotherhood of Evil failed. Now a new evil comes the Legion of Doom the Ones who know the Titans from the bottom of their black hearts.

Titans themselves.

Robin was exposed as a Womanizer and Starfire learned that he already had a girlfriend, Batgirl, which caused Starfire to break up with Robin, Cyborg got upgraded and has hair! Beast Boy and Raven are together now more then they were before!

The Legion (Main Villians).

Lex Luthor (Clancy Brown) is the one who conspired the Legion, he exposed Robin as a Womanizer and was the one behind Slade. Luthor sent Scarecrow & Riddler (Both voiced by Charlie Adler) to capture Robin, Sinestro (Voiced by Scottie Ray) to catch Speedy, Gorilla Grodd & Captain Cold (Fred Tatasciore & Troy Baker) to catch Kid-Flash, Cheetah & Giganta (Cree Summer & Kath Soucie) to catch Wonder Girl, and Black Manta (Michael Dorn) to catch Aqualad. Plus with the Aid of Brainiac (Troy Baker), Toy-Man (Tom Kenny), Bizzaro (Diedrich Bader), and Solomon Grundy (Fred Tatasciore).

Graham McTavish who voiced Loki on Avenger's Earth's Mightiest Heroes voices Ra's al Ghul the main antagonist of the Season and the one who started Slade, and the Legion!

Justice League.

when the League finds their partners missing Batman (Steven Blum), Wonder Woman (Tia Carrere), Aquaman (Christian Slater), Superman (Kevin Sorbo), Green Arrow (Liem O'Brien), Flash (Christopher Daniel Barnes), Martian Manhunter (Rick D. Wasserman) and Green Lantern/ Hal Jordan (Phil LaMarr) goes to the Teen Titans and seek their aid.

Teen Titans in season 6.

Robin became Nightwing, and had left the Teen Titans, Nightwing's costume is more similar to the costume in Batman: Under the Redhood, his hair still retains his hair style instead of Scott Menville it's Wally Wingert.

Cyborg is similar to John Stewart's design on Justice League Unlimmited, only he has hair, his cybernetics have been advanced by Wayne interprise!

Beast Boy is designed similar to Ant-Man from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Raven is more similar to the Comic version and she gains a romantic relationship with Beast Boy, but she still wears the same costume!

Starfire quit the Teen Titans because of Robin and as a result is no longer as dittsy as she was during the series, she is now more of a leader. Her outfit consists of a casual suit similar to April O'Neil's from the 2003 series of TMNT instead of her costume. She is voiced by Jodi Benson best know for being the voice of Ariel.


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