Titans Japan!! is located in Nagano, Japan. It consists of 4 team members, 3 female, and one male. They each insist of following traditional ways. They were founded by a 14 year old girl who goes by the name of "Lantern". In order to find team mates, she would stand in the very top of the Tokyo Tower, and used her powers to glow throughout the entire night. Those who were brave enough to climb up the tower, past the gaurd rails, became her team. She "infected" the first two, and those two gained powers. They then later moved to a more suttle and quiet region of Japan in Nangano. The youngest member insisted of adding two exlamation points to the end of their name to make it sound "cool"

Note: Titans Japan!! is completely and totally unrelated to Titans Japan.


  • Minori (Leader)
  • Hikari (founder and co-leader)
  • Sayuri
  • Shirou

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