Titans Japan
Titans of Japan

Team statistics
Team Name Titans of Japan

Titans Japan Japanese Titans

Aliases N/A
Leader unknown
Members unknown
Status Active
Alignment Well
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Allies Con, Bluefire
Enemies unknown
Affiliations Titans Australia, Titans West, Titans East
First Appearance N/A
Titans Japan (Aka Japanese Titans or Titans of Japan) is a crime-fighting organisation situated in all of Japan. It was created in the later months of 2006 after the threat of the Brotherhood of Evil was over. The headquarters is located underground in one of Tokyo's vacant subways.



After the surprising visit from Tsunami, Titans West immediatly formed Titans Japan knowing of Tsunami's situation. Tsunami knew that she'll be needing help putting Japan's most noctorious villains in jail, so she asked Robin to make a Titans base in Japan. Since Tsunami is the only known Titan that lives in Japan, Robin trusted her to choose the Titans that will be saving Japan.


  1. Shiro Oku
  2. Ginger Ninja or just Hirestuna
  3. Crystal


  1. Dr. G Akira