Titans International
Titans International
Series Information
Created by Tammar
No. of Seasons 1 (Ordered)
No. of Episodes 20 (Ordered)
Status Running
Titans International is a series created by Tammar in late May 2013. It follows up as a sequel for the original Teen Titans series. The series follows some of the members of the original Titans with other Titans as they form a new team that is not set to protect one city, but all of Earth. The show is set to premiere in June 2013.


When the original Titan teams fall, ex-Robin, Nightwing, takes the task of forming a team to look over all over the world. Nightwing gathers a group made of the new Robin, Jason Todd, speedster Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Beast Boy.


Nightwing/ Dick Grayson- Leader and founder of the team, skilled arcrobat, martail artist, and controller of many gadgets. He was the original Robin in the original Teen Titans. After the event, he goes back to work with Batman. When he reached the age of 18, he took the identity of Nightwing. He formed the Titans International one year after becoming Nightwing.. He is currently 19.

Robin/ Jason Todd- After Dick Grayson took on the identity of Nightwing, Jason Tood took the identity of Robin. After one year of working with Batman, he joins Nightwing's Titans International. He is a skilled arcrobat, martail artist, and controller of many gadgets. He is currently 15.

Kid Flash/ Wally West- Once a solo hero, Wally West rejected the offer to join the Teen Titans. After the event, he felt bad for not joining feeling he could help. He joins the Titans International to help avenge the supposed deaths of the original event and more. He has the power of super-speed, and when he shakes, he can go through solid objects. He is currently 19.

Aqualad/ Garth- One of the original members of the Titans East. He was one of the survivors of thee original event. He felt it is mandatory to continue his career as a hero despite the danger of the event. He posseses the power to breathe underwater, he can talk to sea creatures, and he can control water. He is currently 16.

Arsenal/ Roy Harper (Formerly Speedy)- One of the original members of the Titans East. He survived the event. He is driven by revenge to find the causer of the event, to avenge all of the supposed dead members. He is a skilled archer and his arrows contain many tools. He is currently 18.

Beast Boy/ Garfield Logan- One of the original members of the Teen Titans. He survived the event and joined the Titans International when offered by Nightwing. He has the power to turn into any animal. He is currently 15.

Episode Guide

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 20 June 2013 TBA

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