This is the story of Naka, a girl who is always afraid. A girl who is always running from fear. Naka is a product of the Great Galaxy Exploration. The Great Galaxy Exploration was when thousands of astronauts flew to many different planets. Read as Naka tries to conquer her fear and also avoid being killed.

Part 1: Naka's Early Life

January 30, 2000, a little girl was born to Espra the Faithful and James Bronco. The girl was half human and half elemental. Her parents named her Naka which means fearless. Her parents had a plan for Naka. They knew that she would be great in her life. 

Naka grew up as if she was a princess. She had everything she needed and more. She rarely got sick and never had to deal with anything bad. She made many friends on many different planets. Her dad, James flew her to almost every planet in the Lofar system in his spaceship. Because of this, Naka learned how to speak 14 different alien languages. 

On Naka's 8th birthday, Her parents found out that Naka was blind. They found this out because, Naka never wore shoes. Instead she felt the pulsations of Acrucin. That allowed her to see. They wondered why Naka didn't tell them.  When Espra explained that to James, he looked at her as if she was crazy. "Is that some sort of alien magic or something". James didn't know anything about Acrucin. Acrucin is a planet in the Lofar Galaxy. Espra calmly asked Naka why she never told her that she was blind. "Cause I didn't know and you never got me shoes." Espra laughed and spun Naka around. They didn't mind Naka being blind. Naka acted like she could see. Everything went along normally until Naka turned 10.
Naka Kid

8 year old Naka

Part 2: Fearless and Swift

On Naka's 10th birthday, she grew a passion for running. She entered in many races and often won. Naka was so fast that the president of Acrucin gave her a special title. Naka the Swift. Being so fast caused her to become famous all across the galaxy. Many people wanted to race her. She won many trophies, medals, and awards.

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