Titans Intergalactic

Team statistics
Team Name Titans Intergalactic
Aliases Space Team
Leader Tentay the Wise
Members Naka the Swift

Tentay the Wise

Hok the Honorable

Fora'y the Caring

Status Alive
Alignment Good
Headquarters All across space
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Natint the Killing

Tofai the Merciless

Affiliations Teen Titans
First Appearance Titans Intergalactic (series)
Titans Intergalctic is a team of aliens who fight crime in both space and Earth. It was started by Tentay the Wise. They have many headquarters all over space.




Lofar Galaxy

Lintoc Galaxy

  • Nont the Wandering
  • Koncu the Protecting
  • Leki the Tactical
  • Churi the Playful

Nuron Galaxy

  • Shubu the Nimble
  • Keslo the Magical
  • Mint'ocu the Flexible
  • Chansu the Hyper


Natint the Killing

He became an enemy when Tentay found Naka running from him. Naka explained everything to Tentay. The Titans have been fighting him for exaltly 1 year. Natint proves to be a very strong adversary.

Tofai the Merciless

He is the ruler of the Lofar Galaxy. He enslave aliens and wants to destroy all people who rebel against him.

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