Titans Europe

Team statistics
Team Name Titans Europe
Aliases T.E.

Titans E.

Leader Warfare
Members Warfare (Leader)

Kid Flash




Miss. Horror

Status Active
Alignment Good
Headquarters Off of Venice Harbor, Venice, Italy
Allies Teen Titans

Titans England

Titans Australia

Enemies YouKnowWho

H.I.V.E Italy


Affiliations Teen Titans
First Appearance The Bigger Picture
Titans Europe is a team of teenage superheroes tasked with protecting the continent of Europe. While their HQ and primary crime scene is Italy, they have been known for helping the other countries as well as the other teams of Titans in Europe. There were the first team of Titans in Europe, the others being Titans England, Titans Sweden, Titans Ukraine, and Titans Spain.


Their tower as like all the other Titans teams is in the shape of a T. However there tower is slightly larger than most since their team consists of 6 members rather than the usual 5 and the occasional 4.

These are the rooms, we know for sure the tower has.

  • Large Kitchen and Bar area
  • Living Room
  • Entertainment Room
  • Training Room
  • Weight-Lifting Room
  • Boxing Room
  • Outdoor Training Facility


These are the six members of Titans Europe. (Auditions CLOSED!)


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