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Created by Jono46
No. of Seasons 2 (At the moment)
No. of Episodes 20
Status Episode #3 in progress
Titans Earth is an organisation of 5 teens fighting for truth and justice all around the world. Their base is of the other side of Jump City, home to the original Teen Titans. They are all honorary Titans through their own ways. Their leader Crossbow, is the most serious of the group. Eklypse is the youngest and the most mysterious members of Titans E. Surge is the smartest of the group as he was home schooled by his father Dr. Powers. He also seems to have a crush on Rush as they have many similarities. Rush is a bit of a prankster and she is always rushing ahead without thinking. Last of all Wildfire. Wildfire is Starfire's younger brother and is a fun loving member. He has a crush on Crossbow but because Crossbow is so serious, Wildfire has never managed to win her over.


  • Crossbow: Crossbow (AKA:Paula Bertinelli) is the leader of Titans E. She always likes to be in charge and is very serious. Sometimes she can get a bit to determined sometimes leaving her vulnerable. She is a vegetarian and refuses to eat meat.
  • Eklypse (AKA: Eklypse Luna):Despite his age he is probably the most mature member of Titans E, even Crossbow isn't so serious sometimes. With his past of his mother dying and blaming it on himself he has always been quite the sad-sack. He escaped his father the evil moon demon, Lunaron, to go to his cousin Raven and live with her as a Teen Titan, instead he wound up being part of Titans Earth. Eklypse's closest friend is Surge as they were the first to males in the Titans Earth group.
  • Surge (AKA: John Powers): Surge is the smartest of Titans E. He has an excellent knowledge of technology and control over it too, along with electricity. He got his superpowers in a lab accident with his father's lunatic ex-assistant when he was kidnapped by him. His father encouraged him to become a hero because of his past. He became an honorary Titan by helping the Teen Titans track down Overload and saved Cyborgs life. He also seems to have a crush on the speedster/prankster of Titans E, Rush.
  • Rush (AKA: Leela Adams): Rush is the uncle of Barry Allen (AKA: The Flash). She inherited his powers and was trained by him on how to use them. Her father Drake Adams is a single father because Rush's mother Henrietta Adams died of Cancer. Rush is a prankster and she likes to pull a lot of them on Eklypse which she calls 'Sunshine' (made up by Wildfire, see below). This is ironic for two reasons. Her best friend with-in Titans E is Crossbow, even though they are complete opposites. Rush is laid back and messy while Crossbow is serious and neat. She is very fast and rushes into situations without thinking
  • Wildfire (AKA: Ryand'r): Wildfire is the fun-loving one of the group. He is the younger brother of Starfire and comes from the planet Tameran. Wildfire and Eklypse don't exactly see eye to eye as they are complete opposites but they still get along well. Wildfire is the Titans Earth official 'Nickname Giver' as he has given everyone in the group a nickname, much to everybody's annoyance. Eklypse has been given the most and hates the one: Sunshine. Wildfire has developed a crush on Crossbow but all his attempts to ask her out have failed due to the fact that she is either too busy or too take him seriously. 

Seasons (Don't mind the number gaps. These are just episodes that I don't have ideas for)

Season 1: The Beginning

Episodes No. Date About
Unite #1 16/04/2015 Crossbow, Eklypse, Surge, Rush and Wildfire come together for the first time battling evil drones sent by someone to attack them. Can they find out how created them?
Teamwork #2 20/04/2015 The Teen Titans help build a head quarters for the new team of heroes. Once the base was built, all Crossbow, Eklypse, Surge, Rush and Wildfire all need to do is learn how to work as a team, but they're not doing so well at it. As well as learning how to work together they also need to learn more about themselves if they're going to go up against The Puppet King.
Around the World #3 The team of heroes are still deciding on their name when an incoming call comes from Cyborg. He says its an emergency and they have to get outside their HQ quickly. When the team gets there, there's no trouble just an airship. The Teen Titans explained that they figured out a purpose for the new titans that involves the airship. They throw a celebration party for the fully forming of the team but is soon interrupted by scheming mind of Professor Chang who plans to use the air ship for his own purposes. Will they stop Chang and what is the new purpose of this team.
Test Flight #4 The team put there new airship to the test while also going to Vietnam to track down the villain, Cheshire who escaped from prison back to her home country. All the while Titans Earth decide on a name for their new airship.
BFFs or Maybe Just Friends #5 Eklypse is trying to get used to Wildfire's immature antics but fails and they both have a big argument. When Eklypse had enough he left HQ and Wildfire went after him. Meanwhile Monsieur Mallah attacked HQ and kidnapped the rest of the group. Will Eklypse and Wildfire set aside their differences or will hatred rule over them.
Love is in the Air #6 Surge realises he has feelings for Rush. Wildfire also starts to develop a crush on Crossbow while he is taking care of her while she is sick. Meanwhile Eklypse is just ignoring what's happening around him. Eventually everyone but Eklypse is caught up in their own situations that when the time to save the day, Eklypse is left out to dry.
The Return of Slade? #7 Titans Earth receives a emergency call from the Teen Titans. They are saying that there has been disappearances of all of Slade's weapons. The Teen Titans originally thought it was Ravager but she was good now and they found security footage of a figure that looked like Slade. It's up to Titans Earth to solve this mystery as there have been sightings all over the world of the supposed Slade. Has Slade truly returned or is it just a villain wanna-be.
A Shocking Past #8 A new business is in town, The VB Corporations. They make household devices but there has been a string of malfunctions in these household equipment. Could the CEO of the company, Victor Bronstan really be who is said to be or is it something from Surge's past, come back to haunt him.
Father Figure #9 Crossbow realises her father, Deathbow has escaped jail. Along with that her mother, Huntress, has gone missing. She knows it has something to do with her father and strikes out on her own. Meanwhile, the rest of the team persuade Crossbow not to face her father alone and let them help.
Here, There, Everywhere #10 A series of crimes are being committed all over the world and Titans Earth don't know who it is. Their airship can't take it no more and neither can they. Will Titans E manage stop the criminal or will this team go insane.

Season 2: Corporations

Episodes No. Date About
Love Hurts #11 Eklypse saves a girl while fighting Mad Mod that he instantly falls in love with. The team is surprised because this has never happened to Eklypse before. He manages to ask her out but is this girl all she really turns out to be?
The Thing #12 Titans Earth travel to Siberia to help Red Star defend the city against a nuclear-mutated monster. Along with that Slade X has shown up and they think he has something to do with the radioactive monster.
Secrets #13 Wildfire tells Eklypse that he has a crush on Crossbow. Eklypse couldn't care less about this secret but when Wildfire asks him for advice on how to ask her out, Eklypse is clueless. Meanwhile, Eklypse tells everyone he'll be in his room for the rest of the night and not for anyone to disturb him but Rush sees it as a chance to pull a prank on him. Oh yeah, it's also a lunar eclipse on that night if that gives you any clues.
Tricky Business #14 The Blood Drones have come back to terrorise Jump City and hunt down Titans Earth. How can this be, they were all destroyed in the first episode. Well this time they track down the signal to some place else, the VB Co. Manufacturing Factory. Is Victor Bronstan really and evil man working with Brother Blood or is this all a set up.
The Third Wheel #20 It's Valentine's Day and Surge asked Rush to go on a date with him. He is successful and so is Wildfire when he asked Crossbow out. Meanwhile, Eklypse is left alone and doesn't really care until he remembers about Shapeshift, the girl he loved that turned out to be a villain. He goes looking for her to try and change her ways. Will he succeed or will it end up interrupting the other Titans E's members Valentine's Day festivities.

Season 3: Rise of the Machine

Episode No. Date About
One Halloween Night #23 One Halloween night, Rush is preparing

While for once in his life, Eklypse is actually caring.

Wildfire wants to find out what Halloween is, oh no!

Finally a kind caring Crossbow

Gives Wildfire some Halloween lessons.

Meanwhile, Surge does not believe in ghostly possessions.

For Surge does not believe in Halloween Night,

But what will happen when Surge gets a fright.

A girl named Fear, the Scarecrow Queen,

Is causing much Halloween trouble, without being seen.

So, what happens to this night that is loved by everyone alike,

When Fear Itself is gonna strike!

The Rise of Slade X (Part 1) #29 Slade X's AI seemed to be the mistake that Brother Blood made by giving it to him. Slade X took control of VB Co. and imprisoned Brother Blood and Victor Bronstan along with the Teen Titans. Slade X is now rampaging across Jump City in a giant mech suit with a army of Slade X drones. It's up to Titan's Earth along with the help of Shapeshift. Will they stop the army from taking over the city or will Slade X be victorious.
The End of Slade X (Part 2) #30 This the final battle between Titans Earth and the new improved Ultra Slade X. Eklypse managed to fend off the Slade X drones but he has now gone missing in action. The team doesn't have time to mourn over his loss, especially Shapeshift, because Ultra Slade X is threatening to take over the world. Will Titans E be victorious even with the loss of Eklypse or will Slade X take over the one thing they had sworn to protect, Earth.

Season 4: Better Human Evolution Project

Episode No. Date About
The Ghost #31 A new villain has appeared. The only trouble is he keeps disappearing. Titans Earth are having a lot of trouble tracking him down until Eklypse and Shapeshift come home from a date and Shapeshift over hears the conversation. Shapeshift then helps Titans Earth track him down along with the help of the Teen Titans.
Better Human Evolution...What? #32 After looking into who the mysterious Ecto is, Titans Earth have discovered a secret society that Shapeshift never told them. That is put on hold though because Ecto is causing more trouble, this time in Africa.

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