Titans: New York is to be a new Teen Titans series following the adventures of a group of teenage superheroes trying to live up to the potential of there heroes.


Firestorm- The leader of the Titans that seems to be the most serious. He has a love for pizza and videogames(and Aquagirl).

Collosus- The "heavyweight" of the team. He can absorb any material whether its wood, metal or stone. He is also considered to be the smartest of the team as he did an arithmetical equasion in a timS it can take you to say "Tim".

Aquagirl- The niece of Aquaman. She can breathe underwater, communicate with animals and can summon weopons from the water. P.S: Firestorm likes her but he'll obviously never make the first move besides Fire-Water?

Super-Boy(Kevin Kent)- The nephew of Clark Kent. He posses all of Super-man's powers and the new molecule transferring power.

Green Lantern(Sheila Jordan)- Hal Jordan's niece. She has a whole host of lantern weopons in her arsenal and also can use her ring to teleport into the different Lantern worlds(Gold, Green, Purple etc).

Episode Guide.......

.... Will be added later.

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