Time Lord is a member of Utopia and a villain in the Project Universe.                    

Early Life

Son of Rick Tyler, (Hourman II), James Tyler grew up with his twin sister Jane. At age two James' mother died, causing his father Rick to become depressed and more violent in his Hourman persona, taking heavy doses of Miraclo regularly. After being forced into retirement by the Justice Society due to his addiction and increasingly violent personality Rick began to abuse his children. At 13 James and Jane ran away, but not before stealing their father's Miraclo injector gauntlets


They were soon taken in by Utopia who convinced Jane to join their Gen13 project. Jane became increasingly powerful do to the experiments conducted on her, unfortunately a defect caused by the Miraclo in her DNA caused her to become increasingly more frail after a week of being Powered. Utopia put her on ice and told James that the only way to save her was to do what they said. James of course agreed, but was brainwashed and turned into their personal attack dog. The brainwashing had a rather unfortunate effect on James' already unstable mind. It turned the once naive and innocent boy into a deranged psychopath. Now he serves Utopia, only because they supply him with what he loves most, Miraclo.


James is 5'10" with brown hair, blue eyes, and pale almost ghost like skin. He wears a variation of his father's Hourman costume that is all black and lacks a cape


James uses his father's Miraclo gauntlets to inject the drug into his system, this gives him enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability for an hour. 


James is extremely unstable and deranged, the only thing he really care's about is Miraclo, though occaisionally he has vague recollections of somebody named Jane who is somehow important to him.


Miraclo is addictive if used constantly, this causes uncontrollable bursts of emotions from time to time.

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