" in humans is irrelevant.All humans are a threat to be evil.I am The Peace Keeper and I will act as such..."
— The Peace Keeper to the titans

The peace keeper
Vital statistics
Real Name The Peace Keeper
Aliases none
Gender male
Species robot
Status still functional
Alignment Evil
Likes world domination
Dislikes The new teen titans
Place of Origin (original titans tower)
Residence Space station
Relatives cyborg(creator)
Allies Dynamo X(henchman)
Enemies New teen titans
Affiliations Peace keeper inc.
Powers & Abilities
Powers total control of all machines
Weaknesses still able to be destriyed
Equipment none
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

A robot bent on domination. His original programing was to protect earth but his programing evolved and he believed all humans will become a threat to the earth.


He is machine like and does not have a personality


Early life 2030

After the titans split up he was built by cyborg. His programing was to protect earth but his programing evolved and he came to believe that every human was a threat to earth and began taking over machines.He built a company called Peace Keeper inc. that manufactures robots for his army

Jump city 2045

News spread of the New teen titans.He was informed of the members Quick shot,Barren,Blade,White fire,Gale and he attacked them with his drones multiple times.And made it his mission to destroy them.

The peace keeper

The Peace Keeper

Powers & traits

Control over machines:The Peace Keeper has a program that can infect machines and take control over them

enhanced speed:over time he upgraded himself

enhanced strength:over time he upgraded himself

laser eyes:focused laser form eye holes

paralyzing light:a yellow light attached to his right hand


Still just a robot:He is still just a robot he can be destroyed like other robots


Blaster:A sonic blaster similar to cyborgs but shoots red energy


  • He has a database thats knows quite a bit about the titans
  • He is has blue energy source inside him


  • He originally had a different concept in which he was a floating skull in a jar attached to a robot body but decided to change it
  • inspiration from iron man
  • has two energy beams but one is just for paralyzing

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