The new titans is a sequel series to 2003's titans and focus in a new young members of teen titans.


Season 1:

One year after the teen titans defeated the brotherhood of evil and the events in tokyo, the teen titans decide to expand their roster with heroes all over the world and starting operate training progrem with a new 8 heroes: Ion, Miss martian, Hawk and Dove, static, golden eagle, damage and aquagirl.

together with the new heroes, the teen titans getting ready for return of titans' greatest enemy: Slade, who survive trigon's exile from earth and seek revenge against the teen titans.

Season 2:

After the new titans defeated slade, they're preparing for invasion of the citadel empire who lead by earthling called Harry Hokum and starfire's sister: blackfire.


Teen Titans:

Founding Members:

  • robin/nightwing
  • starfire
  • raven
  • beast boy
  • cyborg

Expended roster:

  • speedy
  • aqualad
  • wonder girl
  • kid flash
  • thunder
  • lightning
  • argent
  • pantha
  • killowat
  • mas
  • menos
  • wildebeast
  • jericho
  • red star
  • jinx
  • herald
  • bumblebee
  • bushido
  • kole
  • gnarrk
  • hot spot
  • terra
  • melvin
  • Teether 
  • timmy tantrum
  • bobby
  • tramm

New Titans:

  • Ion
  • Miss martian
  • Hawk
  • Dove
  • Aquagirl
  • Static
  • Damage
  • Golden Eagle

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