The Zodiac is a Government fail safe in case the Justice League turns against mankind.


After seeing the power of the Justice League. The U.S. Government thought it best to create its own team of Superheroes to combat them in case they ever turned evil. After a group of Teen Titan dopplegangers attacked Jump City the Zodiac was sent in to defeat the Teen Titans. However after many battles the Team was captured by the dopplegangers until rescued by the Teen Titans. Some Members have since left.


Aries: The Ram- Pyrokinesis (Spectria)

Taurus: The Bull- Super-Strength (TheBlank103)*

Gem and Mini: The Twins- Shapeshifting (Pandora)

Cancer: The Shield- Force Fields (Pandora)

Leo: The Leader- Lion Morph (TheBlank103)

Virgo: The Psychic- Telepathy and Telekinesis (Pandora)

Libra: The Rookie- Extreme flexibility and Sixth sense. (TheBlank103)

Scorpio: The Scorpion- Bone blades (Spectria)

Sagittarius: The Archer- Pin-Point accuracy (Yina)

Capricorn: The Bullet- Super Speed (Yina)

Aquarius: The Mermaid- Hydrokinesis (TheBlank103)

Pisces:The Many- Duplication (Yina)

Non-Powered Members-

Ophiuchus: The Brains- Tech (TheBlank103)*

  • These are open to be claimed. Please contact the current user to claim.



The Zodiac is run by Theblank103 and PandoraStar411. If you would like to claim a Member please do so by contacting one of the afore mentioned.

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