The Silent One
Vital statistics
Real Name Katie Dollus
Aliases The Silent One
Gender Female
Species Silenean
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Friendly people
Dislikes Mean people and loud noises
Place of Origin Selenia
Residence Herosquad Tower
Relatives None
Allies Ivy, Vestalia and Medulla(sort of)
Enemies Medulla
Affiliations Herosquad
Powers & Abilities
Powers Silence and sound
Weaknesses Really loud sounds(such high pich humans can't hear it)
Equipment None
First Appearance Herosquad S.1 E.1

Grudge Girls


She has the powers and the abilities to control sound. She mainly shoots sound waves out of her hands out at the villains. She has also made people deaf befor. she seems to be able to control how long people are deaf by the force of the blast. She is imortal and prefers to look like a teenager. She is usally quiet and doesn't like to speak to anyone especially Medulla. She only likes to speak to her best friend Ivy. Although sometimes she talks to Vestalia.

Physical Apearence

She has red(red not orange)wavy hair that is long. She wears a purple sparkely spegetii strap shirt. She has a sparkely pink short skirt and sparkely pink boots. She has dark green eyes and a purple sparkely mask. When she is a normal person she has a red blouse and a purple skirt with leggings. She has red boots sometimes purple.


Birth:When her mother and father were on a mission her mom went nto labor. Ivy's parents voluntered to finish the mission when she went to the hospitle. She died when giving birth and her father was killed by a villain. Ivy's parent's then took her in.

Childhood:She was raised by Ivy's parents and became a sister/best friend to Ivy. They grew up together and eventaully joined the Herosquad.

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