The Teen Titans. They are the next generation of heroes. They have battled many great foes and have even deafeted the Devil himself. But now they are about to face there greatest challenge a challenge that will push them to their very limits. And I can only give them something that even they may loose. Hope

My story now begins. One year after their battle against The Brotherhood of Evil the Titans have hardly encounted anything. Raven has created the idenety of Rachel Roth and enlistended in a school. Beast Boy has been doing community service to get himself a Moped. Starfire unfortunatley has suffered an injury paraliazing her from the waist up and taking away her powers and memory. This has caused great affect on the team and Robin now dresses in normal clothes and goes to a underground fighting club at night to deal with his pain. As for Cyborg he has not changed much except for age. And is now working to cure Starfire. The Titans are not the family they once were but I may be able to help.

Robin enters Titans Tower at one in the morning, He walks over to Ravens room and knocks on the door. Raven answers the door and replies in a tired and anoyed voice "What? Robin replies that he cannont deal with the pain anymore and wants Raven to use her healing powers on him. Raven answers, "Robin I know the pain you feel and I know that your life has been filled with tragedy. However my powers cannont help, only you can deal with your pain"

The next day Cyborg enters the medical room and attempts to find a cure for Starfire. He does this with the help of his new invention. But unfortunatly it does not work. Starfire looks at Cyborg with confusion. Cyborg replies. "Do you remember anything? Starfire answers "Just one thing. A boy". Cyborg smiles and says. "Do you know his name? "Yes says Starfire" "Well what is it? says Cyborg excitedley. "Nightwing" answers Starfire". Cyborg sounds the alarm and calls the rest of the Titans and says, "Good news everyone Starfire remembers something" "WHAT IS IT? asks Robin anxsisounly. Cyborg replies "Someone named Nightwing" Robin says "Who's Nightwing? "I don't know answers Cyborg, can any of you think of anything? "yes yells Beast Boy remeber when Starfire was sent to future by Warp she said that Robin was called Nightwing" "But why does she only remember that? asks Raven worried "I don't know says Roibn but if she remembers that she might remember me"

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