Sen felt happiness for the first time in like forever. That Robin kid had told him he wasn't the last Kryptonian there were about 4 more but then he started really thinking. That means I'm part of an endangered species he thought but that didn't stop him from being really really happy. Then again who wouldn't be excited to be meeting a family member you didn't even know existed. He arrived at the Fortress of Solitude and let himself in with the key. "Whoa!" he said awestricken.

"It is sorta breathtaking huh" said Superman.

Sen in a massive state of shock reeled around and socked Supes right on the jaw sending him flying like a ragdoll.

"Whoa there easy killer," said Superman "You got a nice left hook but anyways I'm Superman but you can call me Clark or Kal."

Sen was so embarrassed, he just punched his own cousin. "Great Rao I'm so sorry."

"No no it's perfectly all right I'm fine,"said Superman with a grin "Welcome to my Fortress of Solitude." Superman shook Sen's hand, Kid has a strong grip he thought He doesn't know his own strength. ""Let me give you a tour."

Sen was amazed Kal had such a cool HQ, way better than Titan Tower. He saw the Universal zoo, the trophy room, science lab and last but not least the weapons room (his personal favorite). Kal even gave him a Kryptonian dagger to remind him that he was different. Eventually Sen left, Kal offered him a place in the Fortress but Sen was too stubborn and prideful to accept it. He flew off to find his way after Kal gave him a Signal Watch to keep in touch. Sen flew to Blüdhaven where he found an abandoned apartment complex to call home. It was there he got the call from Kal telling him to go to the Watchtower to join some superkid team.

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