"Puppetry is an art. A dark art...a very, very dark art."
— The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master
The Puppet Master
Vital statistics
Real Name Nekromantie Marionette
Aliases The Puppet Master, The Dark Puppeteer
Gender Male
Species Supreme Puppet Demon
Status Undead
Alignment Evil
Likes Puppets, evil, necromancy
Dislikes Good
Place of Origin Puppenreich Dimension
Residence The Castle of Schaubuhne
Relatives Unknown
Allies The Puppet King, the people of the Puppenreich Dimension
Enemies Titans Earth, Eklypse
Affiliations None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Ability to fill puppets with evil souls, can scare people to death, can control anything with his Seele Streicher (dark magic puppet strings), necromancy
Weaknesses Light, fire
Equipment Steele Streicher
First Appearance Titans Earth: Teamwork (As a voice)

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