Template:Multiple issues

Chapter 1:What the heck!!!

Hi, I'm Jenny the new Titan at Titans Tower.So your wondering how I got here.So here is the 411,it all started at mid-night in Titans Tower.Beast Boy opens his door,Ahh! Why is there a girl in my room Cyborg,We found her in the steet.Soooo we helped her. Yah afther you ran her over.Raven said. Cyborg,She was in my way, she was J-walking,and she had it coming! Starfire,That does not make it right!Robin,She isn't staying!Starfire,Robin! Robin,What! Beast Boy,So the humen road bump stays in my room?! Jenny wakes up. Robin,do you reameber anything? Beast Boy,what is your name? Jenny,My name is Jenny,I last reameber getting hit by a car.Cyborg,Sorry.Starfire,Are you well? Please we wish to know! Jenny,I'm ok just need some air The alert goes off Robin,It's Professor Chang,he made a unstabel compound of Toxic and Infini! evereone gasped but Beast Boy.Beast Boy,Why do I get the feelling that this is bad?Robin,Titans Go! Starfire,What about Jenny? Robin,bring her. Evereone,What!!!!!!!!!! Cyborg,What the heck,are you crazy?! Robin,No.


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