Teen Titans: Apocalypse
Season 1, Episode 2
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Two Old Friends
The Joke's On You


Washington D.C.
6/15/12 4:00 .

A Reporter was walking around the crime scene, talking. "Then Clayface appeared out of nowhere. H e defeated the Teen Titans instanly and some other heroes. But Miss Martian got back up and captured the monster. He is now being studied by some scientists." She walks up to Miss Martian. "How can you sleep at night knowing you can do such powerful things?"

Miss Martian opened her mouth but Manhunter interupptered, "M'gann will not be answering questions at the moment." He flew off. Meanwhile Nightwing was questioning Clayface. "Who sent you here ugly?" Clayface roared, "Why would I tell ya? It's not like you can kill me or anything." Nightwing threatened, "No, but I can freeze you then lock you up in Arkam."

Clayface gulped. "Now let's not get pushy or anything. But I'll tell ya. The Joker has been gaining villains from all over town. He payed me the dough and I get rid of the new Teen Titans. Deal is a deal."

Nightwing nodded then took out a flame thrower. He poured out the gasoline and out in ice. He aimed it at Clayface's desperate face. "Now, for cooperating I won't put you in Arkam. But I will freeze you." He pulled the trigger as Clayface howled.

New Titans Tower
6/21/12 9:47 Est.
Robin fist bumped Herald as they checked out their new tower. Cyborg had added the latest state of the art techgnology. Wondergirl set up the training room as Miss Martian set up the kitchen with Lagoon Boy. They smiled at each other but Lagoon Boy was taken away by Robin to play some video games.

They looked at each other and smiled. Miss Martian turned away and blushed. Aqualad pulled Nightwing aside. "I do not think that our younglings will appreciate us sleeping in the same tower."

Nightwing replied, "We won't be. I build a secret cave under this tower when Cyborg and I were in the old Teen Titans. We won't help them crimefight all but we will train them. Let's let them bond and I'll show the League members their rooms."

With that Nightwing, Cyborg, Aqualad, Wonder Woman, and Manhunter went down to their mini tower. Herald asked, "Who wants some music?" Robin replied, "I do!" Herald to out his truimphet and played but it realized a sound wave knocking Lagoon Boy unconscious. "Oops." Herald said then smiled.

Suddenly a red alarm went off. "Alert. Alert. Gorilla Grod terrorizing down town." Robin shouted, "Titans go!" The five heroes/heroines ran towards the angry gorilla. Five minutes later. The team arrived and Grod snarkled. Lagoon Boy roared and puffed up then charged. He tackled Gorilla Grod and smashed him into the ground then threw him into a building.

Gorilla Grod got back up and punched Lagoon Boy into a car then smashed his head into the ground multiple times then threw him high into the air then kicked him into a building. Lagoon Boy groaned. Miss Martian flew up and dodged some punches from the villain. Grod took out a blaster and shot it at Miss Martian who turned intagible. She telepathicly threw a truck onto Grodd but he blasted it to smithereens. He grabbed Miss Martians leg and threw her into a street light which fell on her, knocking her out cold. Robin jumped over the villain and whacked him with his staff then threw a couple grenades at him, distracting him. He then jumped up again and tied him up with a grappling hook.

Gorilla Grodd broke free and slammed Robin into a building and he fell two stroies and landed on a car. He moaned in pain. Herald teleported behind Grodd and blasted him then teleported on the other side and blasted sound waves which made Gorilla Grodd scream in agony until he passed out. Robin told the others, "Go back to base. I'll be there soon." He took Grodd to Arkam. Then returned home.

He sighed and asked Nightwing, "Does it get any easier?" Nightwing chuckled and responded, "Nope."

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