Titans New York
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 17th May 2013
Written by Chisanga Kapumpa
Directed by Chisanga Kapumpa
Trust Issues
The New Frontier is the first episode of seoson 1 of Titans New York and first overall. 


Firestorm and Collosus try to stop Powercharge after a prank goes wrong.


Firestorm is running on the rooptops. He then enters a dark building where many silhouettes are shown. He then recieves a package acting as if  he has recieved ultimate power. However it is revealed he has just bought a video game. The silhouttes are other customers at Game Planet. As he gets home he enters it into his system and begins playing while calling his friend Hunter. He then tells him to come over,when suddenly his wall is smashed open revealling Hunter under his Collosus guise. They then decide to fight some crime. At one point Firestorm's wrist watch is blinking, showing Blazer on the screen. Collosus and Firestorm arrive at HQ finding Blazer and Volt. Volt claims that they have assembled a team. They reveal Super-Boy,Aqua Girl and Green Lantern as they're team. Blazer then assigns Firestorm as leader. The monitor then flashes showing Powercharge at large. Blazer is about to send the team when aniother monitor shows The Minotaur in Central. Super-Boy,Aqua Girl and Green Lantern go while Firestormm and Collosus go and stop Powercharge. Upon arriving, Collosus uses Mega Fists to knock out Powercharge. Firestorm then decides to pull a prank. Setting Powercharge up in an electronics store, they pretend as if he is attacking. However Powercharge absorbs the electricity giving him his powers. He then sucks up the electric devices causing him to grow larger. Collosus becaes angry as he did not want to play the prank. Storm argues claiming that Collosus helped which causes Storm to blast him and Collosus retaliates with a kick. Collosus then uses Hammer Hands sending Storm into a brick wall. Storm blazes him however Collosus blocks with a mace hand followed by a punch for the knockout. He then leaves claiming that this was  a waste of time. Seeing all the screaming  people he turns back andn goes after Powercharge. Firestorm wakes up blasts PowerCharge at the same time Collosus punches him. Combining their powers they stop PowerCharge and send him into a river. Returning to HQ they celebrate their victory over pizza. Collosus then reaches for a slice which Storm was going for causing the two to fight ending the episode.



  • Firestorm
  • Collosus
  • Super-Boy
  • Aqua Girl
  • Green Lantern
  • Blazer



  • Powercharge
  • The Minotaur

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