When Raina and Luna woke up the next morning in their intersecting rooms. Luna had slept peacefully and waking up at the same time as her sister. Though Raina's awaking made her seem that she was on the verge of tears. Raina cried out yelling and falling out of bed. The whole team ran in and saw Raina on the floor with her hands over her head. She was shivering strangely. All eyes were on her as if they were waiting for her to say something, she didn't. "Raina what happened?" MarineAqual worried. Without saying anything Raina turned to Luna and stared at her, Raina's eyes shaking and her looking like a horror heroine. "Luna, they need us. We can't just stay here. Their issue is horrible. Daddy is dying without any help. Even daddy is afraid. We have to go." Tears verged down Raina's white cheeks.

Luna started shivering. Logan looked at Luna and noticed she was crying, without any notice from her mouth she spilled tears like blood over a coin. "Luna what is she talking about?" he asked. 
Luna suddenly had her knees go weak. She collapsed on the floor and cried out with Raina. "We'll help them even if it is the last thing we do. "
"What's wrong guys?" Sky asked once they were done crying. 
Luna got up and then helped her sister up. Raina stayed in her room and Luna went to hers. These feisty twins walked over to their closets and packed up all of their clothes. "Were going to Olympus please come with us." Raina said. 
Sky's eyes went huge. "Wait Rai why?" 
"Please don't make me say it." Raina mustered her chin tucked in. 
"It's okay. I'll explain.  Our father is dying because he can't fight to protect the palace of Olympus. We must help him. Father summoned us by going into Raina's dream yesterday night.  Will you come with us to defeat these new villains?"

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