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The Huntess
Vital statistics
Real Name Diana Smiths
Aliases The Huntress
Gender Female
Species Hunter
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Hunting and animals
Dislikes Boys and men
Place of Origin The Fourth relm of Artipodos
Residence Herosquad tower
Relatives Jupitur(Dad),Letios(mom),Lightstar(triplet brother) and Amira(triplet sister.
Allies Girls who hate men
Enemies men
Affiliations Herosquad
Powers & Abilities
Powers Animal abilities and archery
Weaknesses The sun or it's light(has to be a lot. She can survive a normal day)
Equipment Her magical bow and arrows
First Appearance Herosquad S.1 E.1

Grudge Girls


She has magical archery abilities. She can make a bow and quiver appear out of no where and shoot shafts of moonlight. She has the ability to turn into any animal she wants. She has turned into a bear, a turtle, a snake, a gorilla, a tiger and many others. She also has animal telepathy and can talk to animals. Unlike Beastboy she can talk to animals without having to turn into their species. She can also read their emotions. She seems very good at fighting skills being able to do a double back flip behind a villain and kick them before she lands. She can also change her age appearance.

Physical Appearance

She has midnight black hair and blue eyes the color of the moon. She is a thirteen year old girl because she prefers to look so. She has a moonblue all fit. She has A suit that looks like a one piece bathing suit and has a skirt over it. She has a silver coat, the only thing that is not moonblue. She has short boots and a mask. Her normal self is a blue shirt with a jean skirt and sneakers.


Birth:Her mother Letios gave birth to her and her siblings one day. Amira is the youngest that part is known. But Diana and her brother Adam fight over whose older all the time. She says she is older although that is unknown if it is true.

Childhood:She grew up with her siblings fighting all the time since they are triplets. One day she decided to become a solo hero. Her siblings and mom joined the Herosquad and begged for her to do so too. Eventually she gave in and joined although she is still a bit distant with the group.

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