"We are the HIVE! And we'll kick your Titan butts!" -Hex

Team statistics
Team Name The HIVE
Aliases HIVE, HIVE West, HIVE East, HIVE North, HIVE South
Leader HIVE West and Brother Blood
Members A LOT
Status very very active
Alignment Dark Way Prep, Junior H.I.V.E. academy, H.I.V.E. Academy, Brotherhood of Evil
Headquarters Star City, Steel City, Jump City
Affiliations none
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}
The HIVE is an all villain group that was created by Hex.



Many of the HIVE students and graduates have a long hatred for the Teen Titans. And especially towards Jinx (a former HIVE 5 team member who is now a honorary Teen Titan). Hex figured that with the help of Brother Blood, they can form many HIVE bases and headquarters. Brother Blood loved Hex's idea and supported the HIVE teams and it's members. He, along with many other infamous super villains and Hex, are all teaching the HIVE members into becoming the worlds greatest super heroes.

Team Structure

How Hex and the teachers put the members of the HIVE is very similar with the way the titans does with theirs. Their is HIVE West, which countradicts the Titans West since HIVE west is widely known for their infamous acts and is the strongest team of them all.

HIVE Teams


  1. Hex (team leader)
  2. Gizmo
  3. Mammoth
  4. Billy Numerous
  5. Kyd Wyykyd
  6. See-more
  7. Jinx (former leader, now an honorary Titan)


HIVE South

HIVE North

  1. Mob Goddess (leader)

Honorary HIVE Members

HIVE Groups outside of the US

HIVE Teachers

  1. Hex (also the leader for HIVE West, also the youngest and the only female teacher)
  2. Brother Blood (mechanics and hacker specialist)
  3. Mad Mod (illusion specialist)
  4. Fang (thief specialist)

HIVE Enemies

Titan Member

Any teen titan member and former member or honorary team member. HIVE members are supposed to attack any titan on sight.

Jinx & Kid Flash

All HIVE members are supposed to capture Jinx and Kid Flash when they see them/get the chance. All HIVE members bear a great hatred for the couple.


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