It is a typical day in Titans Tower. Raven is meditating in her room, Beast Boy and Cyborg are playing video games, and Robin and Starfire are talking about Earth. Suddenly, Slade appears on the Titans computer. The Titans quickly rush to the scene where Slade is seen terrorizing civilians. Armed with a new, sleeker, red, white and black battle suit, with a mysteriuous letter 'D' on the suit, he picks up a bus and throws it directly at Robin, but is saved by Cyborg. As the Titans prepare to fight, they are surrounded by some familiar villians - Mad Mod, Cinderblock, Dr. Light and Control Freak. Each of them has the same mysterious 'D' on their bodies as well as Slade. Starfire fights Cinderblock, Beast Boy fights Mad Mod, Cyborg fights Dr. Light and Raven fights Contol Freak. Robin goes after Slade and fights with all his might, but is defeated swiftly. However, during the battle, Robin punches Slade so hard that a piece of his suit falls off. Slade, along with the rest of his 'posse', leave.

Robin goes back to Titans Tower and analyses the pice of Slade's suit. The suit is made of a super strong, self healing material that cannot be destroyed except with significant force. The suit also gives the wearer superhuman strength, agility and speed, also able to fire lasers that can cut through titanium steel. Just as the Titans leave to track down Slade, a familiar young hero, much to Beast Boy's joy and surprise, appears - Terra.

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