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"I say if the Highest doesn't wanna meddle with the affairs down here, then let's get it done ourselves..."

-Arturios, convincing Gilgamesh to make a choice...


Formed with the blessing of the Hero King himself, the 23rd regiment continued what the Unfallens have started. It all began a few years after the banishment of Azriath and the time Arturios gave up his wings to become wanderers. For the 2nd time, the world was bound in chaos. And in those times, Gilgamesh was present on Earth and has not yet ascended. Fearing for the future of man, Arturios convinces Azriath to talk to his broth
Arturios before giving up his wings


er and ask for his blessing. Winning over Azriath, the 2 went to Mt. Drodurek where Gilgamesh was staying for the meantime. As former Knights of The Light, the were granted audience; seeing Azriath, Gilgamesh's mood
The Mark of the Chosen

The Mark of the Chosen

twisted and silences him before he addressed him as brother, then Arturios began to speak. He reasoned that if the Highest won't try and stop the chaos, then someone down here must do it themselves. Then Gilgamesh responded sarcastically,"And by that you mean yourselves, hhhmmmm?" Reasoning that the two of them are not enough, Gilgamesh then tell Arturios to fetch 21 of the greatest warriors in all the land. "Why?", he asks and was answered that if they wanted to change the face of this world, they need all the help they can get. Arturios then asks how are they to find said warriors. Gilgamesh answered that these warriors will bear a mark, the mark of the chosen.


The journey it took to find all of the was 23 years(you guessed it i know), after having found all of them, they went back to Mt. Drodurek. And there they were; 23 of the finest in the world. Each member was different from the rest. Then Gilgamesh assigned their numbers and divided the group in to divions.

  • The Youngbloods(12) - The youngests belong here. The selected heads of this group were Shujo (spear), Rinka (twin swords), Zelmira (twin scythes) and Maverick (sure-kill blade).
  • The Keepers(4) - They are the wisest, all 4 of them are Immortals. These include; Trujamek, Zenoth, Elfangor and Azgard.
  • The Vanguards(2) - Mentors to the Youngbloods. They are Hiyoji (huge axe) and Nircami (naginata)
  • The Pillars(5) - The foundation of the whole group. These include Azriath, Arturios, Chrxion, Rexion, and Cervantes.

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