Terra goes to school is a story that is about Terra must fight back to escape the clutches of the british super villain Mad Mod


PH 140819 220802
Terra wakes up suddenly and find herself captured and imprisoned in a chair that neutrilizes her powers. Shortly, her captor introduces himself: Mad Mod, a british villain who was disgruntled by the way she became a superhero. He had kidnapped her after filling her home with knockout gas and brought her to his school to teach her to stay out of villain business. For this purpose, he dumps her is a classroom fitted with an hypnotic song that forces her to dance. Terra tries to cover her ears, but the song had a hold of her. She manages to gain control of her body and went off to follows Mad Mod. Mad Mod had sent dozen of robots to go after her. Mad Mod had many 5 different ways to make her sit back in her chair
  1. Make her legs immobilized.
  2. Make her dance again.
  3. Have her sit on an ice cube.
  4. Give her a tickle torture
  5. The Chair uses arms to grab her.

but she destroys the circuitry and takes Mad Mod to jail.

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