Teri Parker
Vital statistics
Real Name Teri Parker
Aliases None
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Candy



Hanging out with his brother

Dislikes The Scientists



Place of Origin New York, NY
Residence None
Relatives Willy Parker(brother)

Angela Parker(mother-deceased) Stanley Parker(father-deceased)

Allies None
Enemies Any Villains
Affiliations The Scientists
Powers & Abilities
Powers Aerokinesis


Weaknesses Rocks


Equipment Pocket Knife
First Appearance None yet

Teri is an 12-year old orphaned boy. His only family is his 7-year old brother Willy. 


Teri and his brother, Willy, walked home school one day to find that their parents had been killed. Teri and Willy were put in an orphanage, since they didn't have any family that would take them in.  They made friends and settled in. One day, some strange people took a group of the orphans from the orphanage. They locked them up in a facility and tested on them. Many of the orphans died. They weren't fed or bathed. Teri tried to be optimistic and waited until someone came to rescue them, but no one ever did. Teri was tested on eventually was tested on and when they injected him with chemical, he gained powers. The scientists got excited until Teri began to attack them. He was able to rescue Willy and escaped. Unfortunately, he couldn't save the others and he and his brother are always on the run from the scientists. 


Teri has the ability to manipulate the air. Along with this, he can also fly. He can make huge gusts of wind or a simple breeze. He occasionally fights with his pocket knife.


Teri is like a little ball of energy. He is always super happy and super excited. He can also be serious and calm. He is also very sensitive and cares very much for his brother.

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