The titans wake up in a dark room the only source of light is a lit candle.

  • Robin: Where are we?
  • Beast boy: Wakes up Huh what happened?
  • Cyborg: I dunno but this sure isn't looking good
  • Starfire: Wakes up Huh what the???
  • Raven: Wakes up Where are we???
  • Robin: looks like we're in some kind of cave

The titans then find a signpost on the wall and robin reads it aloud

  • Robin: Nicko sip egg the raddd bacon

A door suddenly opens and two red eyes come into focus

  • Cyborg: What the
  • Strange voice: Hahahahahaha you've fallen into my trap
  • Beast Boy: Huh
  • Strange voice: You don't recognize me
  • Robin: Nope
  • Strange voice: It's me Red X
  • Cyborg: RED X!!!???!!!???
  • Red X: Hahahahahaha you've fallen into my trap you must escape or you will die
  • Beast boy: awwww come on I knew there was a catch
  • Red X: and I also brought a few friends along
  • Mumbo: hi there
  • Control freak: Hahaha annoying titans
  • Slade: hello titans
  • Red X: the ultimate villainous team up you will all be destroyed
  • Robin: NO WE WONT
  • Mumbo: Just TRY to escape Hahahahahaha

Our villains suddenly disappear in a thick cloud of smoke

  • Starfire: Well lets try to escape
  • Raven: well let's try this door
  • Robin: Opens the door and reveals a room full of robots that don't look friendly
  • Slade: Say hello to my robot army

The titans suddenly run around the room taking out the robots

  • Slade: You'll never escape titans Disappears in a cloud of smoke

The titans finally destroy the last robot

  • Red X: Darn it that was one plan gone down the drain
  • Mumbo: but you'll never escape the next door
  • Cyborg: opens the next door revealing Mumbo flying in the air
  • Mumbo: You'll never escape me titans Hahahahahaha

Mumbo then starts blasting electric beams at the titans while they try to dodge them

  • Raven: you'll never get us Mumbo
  • Mumbo: that's what you think

Raven then blasts a beam at Mumbo blasting him down

  • Red X: DARN IT that's ANOTHER plan gone the drain well Control Freak you're up next

To be continued

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