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Teen Tyrants

Team statistics
Team Name Teen Tyrants
Aliases Tyrants, Vicious Titans
Leader Phalanx
Members Phalanx

Deadite Nightingale Paladin

Status Active
Alignment Evil
Headquarters Unknown
Allies Brotherhood of Evil, Slade
Enemies Teen Titans, Earth Heroes
Affiliations None
First Appearance To be announced

The Teen Tyrants are a group of teenage super-villains that branched out of the Brotherhood of Evil. Known for serve as a role of Anti-Titans, they are one of the most successful team of villains currently. Phalanx, the acting leader, has stated that their goal, to show the world that as there are teen heroes looking to make their way into the world, there are teenage villains looking for the same.


The Teen Tyrants are made out of Teenager Super-villains wishing to make a name for themselves.


A Necromancer training to attain the power of rising the dead. Deadite is timid and not extremely self-confident, but rather violent. He is constantly made fun of, as he can’t actually revive dead but control the living by forcing them into a temporally zombie-like state, in which the victim abides all his orders, he must maintain physical contact with the person at all times to continue his control over them. He dislikes Cyborg greatly as he is the only Titan he cannot control.

Shadow Wolfe

A criminal mastermind.

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