This story takes place 3 months after the defeat of The Brotherhood of Evil. There will be a lot of new heroes and villains.

Do not edit without my permission. If you have an idea I'd love to hear it.

Season 1

Episode 1: The Comet

While the Titans are eating lunch with Jinx and Kid Flash, a meteor rockets down on Jump City. They discover the comet is actually a group of superhumans. The strange group land and are confronted by the Titans. It's discovered that Jinx and the superhumans once knew each other. After the Titans stop attacking the group, they warn them about two new alarming villains called Potion, an evil witch, and Plague, a controller of diseases. Suddenly, they are attacked by the villains. Knowing that they cannot win the fight, Raven teleports them to a secret Titan headquarters. They find Jericho and start to discuss the situation.

Episode 2: Who Are These People?

The unknown superhumans reveal themselves as Char, a person made of fire, Frost, a boy made of ice, Zozu, a person made of lightning, Rosita, a girl made of wires who can control electricity and poison, and Zapper and Mosquito, two cyborg siblings. Char, Frost, and Zozu are triplets. Char, Frost, Zozu, and Rosita are from the planet, Elementia. Zapper and Mosquito were once ordinary people, but Potion fused their high-tech gear into their bodies.

Episode 3: H.I.V.E.s and Heroes(Flashback Episode)

Char, Frost, Zozu, Rosita, Zapper, and Jinx enroll at H.I.V.E. Academy. It shows them sitting through their classes. Jinx is eating lunch when Gizmo and Mammoth start bullying Jinx. Char confronts them and keeps them from bullying Jinx. Gizmo and Mammoth decide to befriend Jinx and Char. For the next year they have a great time together. Then, the headmistress appears in one of their classes. She announces that they have some early graduates. She announces that they are Rosita, Zozu, Zapper, Frost, and Char. On graduation day, the group says their goodbyes and they leave H.I.V.E Academy.

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