Machinations is the eighth chapter of Teen Titans Quest.

Scene One: The Throne of Darkness

Xel'lotath Version

  • Xel'lotath: (Xel'lotath, still cloaked in darkness, opens her eye wide, her eye glowing a bright green.) The zombies......... They were destroyed so easily? This is not acceptable. The protectors of this world are far superior to she who fought Augustus and Ulyaoth all of those years back. How could we not forsee this loss? We are all-knowing, so there is no excuse. There must be an outside force that blocks our vision. If this is the case, then outside help is required. We must find the thing responsible for this, and find an entryway into their world. If there is a way, then it is blocked, blocked by an unknown force. Could Mantorok live? Regardless, the generals must seek out our essence. It is the key we need to free ourselves...

Chattur'gha Version

  • Chattur'gha: (Chattur'gha, still shrouded in darkness, roars in anger, his eyes glowing red to match his mood.) THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! The protectors of this world felled my zombies so quickly... Surely, it will take much more than them to overcome this new threat. While the generals seek out my essense, I must find an external source of help. There is bound to be someone down there who will provide me information concerning these enemies. This lack of knowledge... There is something quite wrong with this. Something is holding me back. Could this same force be the reason why this world is not already turned to ashes? There is no time to ponder anymore. Xel'lotath did the same thing with Augustus, and I made them suffer for it. The generals must find my essence, lest this world remain filled with heavenly light...

Ulyaoth Version

  • Ulyaoth: (Ulyaoth, still veiled by the darkness, grew curious, his bubbly crown glowing blue.) Hmm... The zombies were clearly no match for these mysterious heroes of light. The corporeal world that they inhabit clearly is far better protected than I had anticipated. There will be much more resources put into this campaign now. The generals will surely require more help, and it will hopefully be much more competent than that which Chattur'gha had once relied on. The forces at work in this world though... Something is keeping me at bay. Whether it be an external force, the absense of my essence, or both, it does not matter. I will find a way to deal with this threat. My new adversaries shall soon find that there is no place that is safe from me, and with my essence found, they will be felled quickly...and brutally.

Continued in Chapter 9: Guidance

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