Secrecy is the sixth chapter of Teen Titans Quest.

Scene One: The Chamber of Four

Geo: (A large chamber situated in a desert is created. In it lies an altar dedicated the reader's chosen deity. Geo, a Spartan-like warrior made of sand and stone appeared in the chamber.) This will provide a decent place to worship and speak with our creator. (Geo hears a noise coming from behind him. It was the sound of water.) I see you like to keep watch over me, brother Hydro.

Hydro: Indeed I do, lad.

Geo: Enough of the "lad" thing, my brother. It is most bothersome.

Hydro: Eh, okay, okay, okay. But it was fun while it lasted.

Geo: Perhaps to you, but your other brothers and I were certainly annoyed. Anyway, I just recieved word that we are supposed to build an altar for our creator here. This place will also provide the secrecy that we need.

Hydro: (Geo turned around. Hydro, a frog-like being with the head of a barracuda formed from the puddle in front of Geo.) And I suppose that our little stint outside the cinema was in line with this "secrecy"?

Geo: The people who saw us went insane. Their ramblings will most likely be taken with a grain of salt. As for the protectors of this world, they will have a hard time finding any trace of the four of us.

Hydro: You forget about our flashy entrance, Geo. They'll find us eventually.

Geo: And when they do, my cautious brother, they will be punished for hindering the great scheme. I'll see to all of this personally.

Hydro: So I guess this means you'll go after them first?

Geo: I wasn't thinking that at all. Not for an instant! Also, shouldn't you have separated like the rest of us have, brother?

Hydro: Oh, I'll do that. But something is bothering me. What will our creator do to us when we outlive our usefulness? Is our Ancient worthy of praise?

Geo: Those are the questions that cost people's lives, Hydro. Loyalty to our creator comes first. Understood??

Hydro: (Hydro gulps nervously.) Y-yes, Geo.

Geo: Good. Let us venture forth and find what we were created to do.

Hydro: Understood. (The two elementals exit the chamber.)

Continued in Chapter 7: Caretaker

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