Assistance is the eleventh chapter in the Chattur'gha timeline in Teen Titans Quest.

Scene One: The Chamber of Four

  • Aero: (Aero, a jester-like being with bird-like aesthetics, entered the chamber with his three brothers.) Well, that was a waste of time.
  • Geo: Splitting up was a poor choice. Chattur'gha will have our heads if we make such mistakes again.
  • Pyro: (Pyro, a steampunk knight with a fiery wand and a furnace for a torso, cleared his throat.) Dost thou hath anything to report?
  • Aero: I got nothin'.
  • Hydro: Ditto.
  • Pyro: Then what of you, Geo?
  • Geo: Alas, I have nothing as well. We must inform Chattur'gha of this development. (The four elementals chant something in an unknown language, creating a hole through reality to speak with Chattur'gha.) My lord, there is bad news to report.
  • Chattur'gha: And what may that be, my servants? Surely, there has been at least SOME progress, yes?
  • Hydro: Not much.
  • Chattur'gha: This doesn't look good for you, generals. I gave you tasks to perform, and they haven't been finished.
  • Pyro: (Pyro acts surprised, as if he had seen a vision.) There shalt be hope for us yet, master! I have seen a vision!
  • Chattur'gha: Explain this vision, if you please.
  • Pyro: I forsee the arrival of a young humanoid, a woman of great power and royal lineage! Raven hair, orange skin, and eyes of purple! A black flame shalt descend to Earth soon!
  • Chattur'gha: Ah, and if that's the case, then perhaps this creature can give us some support. Prepare for her arrival. Make sure you persuade her appropriately, generals, as she will most likely require a motivation to join our cause. Now go! Time mustn't be spent remaining idle.
  • Pyro: Though shalt have thine orders fulfilled, master.
  • Geo: Let's move forward, my brothers! (Geo and the others leave the chamber.)

Continued in Chapter 12b: Worries

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